To edit videos with Videoshop, follow this guide: Videoshop is a perfect video editor for your i Phone. Magisto is a powerful video editor with millions of fans.

Magisto allows you to create a marvelous film of your videos and pics.

Sometimes you might need to make simple video editing before posting your video to video sharing sites.

Let’s check what video editors can help you edit and combine videos right on i Phone without uploading them to PC.

You might record some video with Android phone in wrong direction.

If so, you need a video rotate app for Android devices to change the video orientation.

Videoshop is a fully functional video editor for i Phone.

It lets you do everything you might need: trim, cut, resize videos, add music or voice message, change color settings, create slow-motion, fast motion or reversed video, and many more.

i Phone is not only a device you use for calling and sending texts.

Naturally, you use it to surf the Web, take pics and videos of the moments you want to share with your friends.

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You’ll also find links to websites and apps which can help movement organizers and citizen journalists on social media.

Backing up video files can take time depending on the size of the video.