So we assume that the user meant for one of the values to be a value, not a unit of length and we output This option defines a variable that can be referenced by the file.

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This option defines a variable that can be referenced by the file.

Effectively the declaration is put at the top of your base Less file, meaning it can be used but it also can be overridden if this variable is defined in the file.

This is good, as new minor releases of the latest version will be installable by npm.

You might use this for instance to specify a path to a library which you want to be referenced simply and relatively in the less files.

less will handle all the processing of the imports.

The Previously we also recommended creating a less. However this had 2 serious drawbacks - it meant that our parser was in fact tied to all of less and 2nd it meant that the to CSS call had to be synchronous.

There are reasons to use client-side script in production, such as if you want to allow users to tweak variables which will affect the theme and you want to show it to them in real-time - in this instance a user is not worried about waiting for a style to update before seeing it.

If you need to run in an older browser, please use an es-5 shim which will add the javascript features that requires.

Type: in before v2) Whether to use the per session file cache.