Now TV, is one of them and, thanks to the variety of packages it offers, it is also one of the most used platforms for online streaming of entertainment programs.

The provider does, in fact, offer a series of alternatives to basic streaming, one of which is Now TV Entertainment.

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With the NOW TV Entertainment Month pass, you can enjoy all the greatest entertainment channels that you wouldn’t get on Freeview, and you don’t even need a contract.

That means you can enjoy all of these extra channels whenever you want, and when you don’t want them, you won’t be wasting money on them.

It’s a great way of getting more variety during the holidays when you’re watching TV more, and for bingeing on box sets when you have some spare time, and once the month is over you can choose whether to continue with the service or to just buy another pass when it suits you.

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The platform disposes of over 250 box sets and, using a Now TV Entertainment pass, you will add more channels and content to those boxes.

All you need to use Now TV is a Wi-Fi connection and your selected device, which, if you prefer watching your streamed content on TV, can easily be connected to it through a cable.

At the time of our interview last month, there was a lot of speculation, but no actual confirmation.

“It is very strange to make it official especially since we are talking about it in the future perfect,” he says, with a laugh.

The Now TV Entertainment adds value to your experience on the online streaming platform, allowing you to access your ideal TV package and much more.