"Guys don't like to tell their buddies what they're really looking for; instead they'll say they are interested in physical attributes when really, deep down, they want a woman who reflects or shares their core values." Being honest with the person setting you up allows him or her to guide you toward a more successful match. Outside of online dating, ready-made profile doesn't exist.

That's when you turn to your matchmaker, whether he or she is your aunt, best friend, or gym buddy, and ask some questions.

Most people (excluding your meddling auntie) won't think of setting you up if they aren't aware you'd even entertain the thought.

This way the date is a meeting of mutual interests, mutual friends. "You can't expect someone to want to date you until you become what you're asking to meet," says Piane.

After all, there's got to be some type of mutual bond in the first place for you to even accept the date, right? If you're the one playing matchmaker, remember the golden rule: do unto others as you'd have done unto you. If you're best friend just got out of a relationship and is looking for a hot fling, don't set her up with the guy from accounting who has a pot belly and a Star Wars action figure collection, just because "he's really a nice guy." Similarly, "because you're both single" is not a good answer to why you should meet someone, and it's not a good reason to hook up two friends. "Think logically and make sure you are aligned with the timeframe in the other person's life." In other words, if you're recently divorced and still not over your ex, and your potential blind date is ready to get married, your timelines might make for incompatibility even if there is some physical attraction. "Men tend to be very superficial when they seek out blind dates," says Piane.

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If you think the blind date is dead, think again: On an average day, there are 2,235 web searches for "blind date," according to Webster's Online Dictionary.

"I don't think the blind date will ever die," vouches Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and host of NBC Digital's

"Setting up people is still customary in many places around the world and has been around for generations.