The judgment sung in Northeastern Brazilian "repente" style, though, was extremely good.

The homage to "2001: a space odyssey" was quite unexpected and interesting.

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Anyway, it is impressive how strong was social critic in this child film, something quite unusual: not just an empty denunciation of the poverty and drought in Northeast, but also a grievance against the purchasing of votes, against the traditional power of landowners, against the idea that you may starve and die by thirst but not steal food, and against the view that water is a commodity.

On the other hand, sexism and sexploitation (that were so extreme in Brazilian cinema) appear in the completely unnecessary exposure of women butts when the story moves to Rio de Janeiro, despite it was a film made for children.

Mussum and Zacarias's versions of Tin Man and Scarecrow were nice and preserving the traits of thee two characters from "Trapalhões" humor crew.

After the crew comes to Oroz town, though, there is a nonsense fight between Didi and the coward Lion, who besides not being a lion challenges him, what is not expected for a coward (Dedé Santana, as usual, is not funny and acts badly).

See full summary » Failing to obtain any vultures to eat, being the only potential food in the severe drought of Northeastern Brazil, Didi and his friends, Soró and Tatu, put their hut on a wagon pulled by their burro, Salvation, and head for the town of Oróz, believing they can find water there.

On the way, they find a Scarecrow, whom Didi calls Clowbrush (clown brush), besieged by vultures reminiscent of the crows in _Wiz, The (1978/I)_.An intentional mockery, though often a loving one, it imitates the style of the original in order to puncture its mistakes and point out its flaws.Some aspects may be exaggerated, and others downplayed.The nature of parody can lead to unfortunate Misaimed Fandom.See also Satire, Pastiche, Farce, Meta Trope Intro, Parodied Trope (spoofing a trope).The friends Curió, Boroca (Dedé Santana), Mexelete and Bateia they venture in search of gold in the mine of Serra Pelada.