However, this does not stop plenty of couples from being happy and compatible, it just means that they need to work harder on their relationship.Depending on couple’s similarities of the other three preferences, a couple can have success and happiness as long as each person is actively working to remain open minded about their partner’s worldviews and communication techniques.

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Relationships with Two Intuitive Personality Types When two MBTI Intuitive Types are in a relationship, communication styles have the potential to match up well, as long as the other preferences are also relatively similar (this tends to help throughout the Perceiving Preferences).

Intuitive Types enjoy spirited conversation and exchanging opinions and ideas, and they tend to understand what is truly implied by cryptic or less-than-honest discussion.

Tips for Healthy Myers-Briggs Relationships with Sensing Personality Types When it comes to a Myers-Brigg’s Sensing Type’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions, it’s best to be patient and allow them to fully state what is on his or her mind.

As they ask you questions or wish to know your opinions, give them an honest and applicable answer.

Relationships with Two Sensing Personality Types Whereas individuals of two differing preferences may be drawn to one another in the initial stages of Myers-briggs relationships, those couples that are made up of the same preference are often increasingly more successful.

These couples often have very similar communication styles and techniques, leading to better understanding and less misconceptions or overly analyzing relationship situations.

Myers-Briggs Relationships with The Two Opposite Sensing and Intuition Personality Types Couples made up of one who is assessed as an MBTI Sensing Type and one that is assessed as an MBTI Intuitive Type are more common than one may think, as the two ends of the spectrum are often allured by the differences of their opposite.

For example, a Myers-Briggs Sensing Type admires the creativity and inventive nature of the Intuitive Type, while at times, the Intuitive Type finds the Sensing Type to be a refreshing, down-to-earth alternative to their more abstract mindset.

Getting Along with your Opposite Sensing or Intuitive Type Personality There are also techniques that each individual can employ in order to better understand and get along with their opposite personality type (or even their preference match).

For example, Sensing Types are often receptive to acknowledgement and appreciation of his or her common sense and mindfulness, so praising their aptitude for living in the moment will please them.

If they are asking for something specific, they will expect a specific answer in return.