She went out with 26-year-old dancer and choreographer Timor Steffens after seeing him in a Broadway play.Prior to that she spent three years with dancer Brahim Zaibat, who was 23 years old when they met in 2010.While some kids adopt a flattering or pleading tone with Santa, others take a more aggressive stance as they order Father Christmas to fulfil their wishes.

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Friends said that he was not bothered by the breakup and felt that they had a good run together.

Madonna has a long history of dating men who are two generations younger than her.

She liked how he did not ‘go running to the press’ after their first date, a source said.

The two have been seen on a getaway in Lisbon as they continue to get to know each other.

As well as finding all the presents, Santa might find himself caught up in a planning row when he tries to get one child a new Mc Donalds in their town.

One child's wishes for world peace may be admirable but perhaps more than the reindeer owner could reasonably be expected to deliver by himself.Let's get down to business.' And he followed up with a strange set of demands when he asked for a Lego set, some jelly beans and an AK-47 assault rifle.Another writer had a particularly eclectic set of wishes, writing: 'Dear Santa, I would like a chainsaw, a blue bike, a trampoline, a claw machine and a cash register.'A joint letter also proved problematic, with children sending mixed messages to the bearded gift-bringer.Among the more unusual presents which children hoped to find under their Christmas tree were a ghetto blaster, 'tens and ones of money' and 'a dog that poops.'One child wrote menacingly: 'You better bring my pony this year or there WILL be consequences.'Another had not forgotten a previous Christmas disappointment, saying: 'I want a real puppy this year, not like the fake one you got me last year!'One letter-writer began with brief pleasantries, before saying: 'Well, enough chit-chat.And Santa will get more than he bargained for in one family when he is asked to 'make my brother nicer'.