This activity can be adjusted for younger campers with the use of pictures in place of or in addition to the written words.Arrange some physical playtime to burn off energy with activities such as badminton, volleyball, soccer, Frisbee or touch football.

You can download treasure maps from the Internet as well.

Create or print out outdoor themed bingo cards from the internet.

Create an outdoor fort with cushions, blankets and sheets, clothesline, branches or other items. Your fantasy fort can be a treehouse, a blanket fort, a cushion castle, a fairy house or a teepee.

Children are all about creating these tiny little private getaways.

Such activities will teach younger children about construction, engineering and sustainability.

A well-built fort created from yard items may become a play attraction long after the "camping trip" is over.

Check out 10 Tips to Surviving Summer Travel to make the camping journey even more fun.

Or hire a summer babysitter to help you make the most of the season.

Engage the family to travel or look around the yard to find the objects on their cards.

The first camper to find all of the items on their card wins a prize.

However, without proper planning, there is a chance of ending up with bored and unhappy children marching back to the house.