Sex can wipe your memory clean Each year, fewer than 7 people per 100,000 experience "global transient amnesia," a sudden but temporary loss of memory that can't be attributed to any other neurological condition.

The condition can be brought on by vigorous sex, as well as emotional stress, pain, minor head injuries, medical procedures, and jumping into hot or cold water.

The forgetfulness can last a few minutes or a few hours.

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studied substance abuse among adolescents who were runaways, and researchers concluded that teenagers who suffered high levels of violence from their parents or guardians had a higher chance of being dependent on drugs and alcohol when they left home.

The shock of being on their own, exposed to the elements without comfort or shelter, and still nursing the physical and psychological wounds of the violence they received played a role in compelling the substance abuse.

Tragically, the addiction feeds the circumstances surrounding the violent past and current homelessness, and vice versa.

According to the National Runaway Safeline, as many as 70 percent of teenagers left their home with no planning or preparation, usually because they had reached a point because the abuse to which they were subjected (whether physical, emotional, or sexual) had become unbearable, and leaving home was a preferable risk to staying.

journal explained that when children and adolescents run away from home, they usually do so for a number of reasons; chief among those reasons is abuse by family members, which creates a dysfunctional (and possibly violent) home environment.

As many as 80 percent of the homeless youths in America, aged 12-21, use drugs or alcohol to cope and survive on the streets.

Timothy Fong, associate professor of psychiatry at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine.

Caffeine, nicotine, and chocolate also tickle the reward center, said Komisaruk.

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Research shows that doing the deed may relieve your symptoms.

For many of these people, they would rather remain outside than return to homes where violence and trauma await them.