And it is—federal and state governments, local and national companies and organizations, and colleges themselves all have funds specifically set aside to increase the number of low income and lower middle class students on their campus.

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There are a variety of schools that offer Adult part time acting classes and full time degree courses.

Drama, singing and dance classes provide performance techniques that benefit children and adults at school, work and socially.

They aren’t merit based, like scholarships, so they are available to students regardless of their success in previous schooling.

In fact, grants are primarily need-based and given needs financial help to make further education possible.

If they get a D or F, they are placed on academic probation and usually given one semester to bring their grades up.

If they don’t, they can have their aid canceled and sometimes there are restrictions about reapplying for aid once it has been terminated.

As long as Pell grant students keep average grades, they will continue receiving federal money for their college education.

This is one example of academic requirements for grants, but some grants have higher grade expectations.

Our Drama schools range from Stage schools for children, weekend and after school classes to Drama clubs and Youth Theatre’s.