The forest is most gorgeous in central Chile's Conguillio National Park and Tolhuacaca National Park, with some astounding mountain backdrops.

But you'll also see these trees if you do the Villaricca Volcano summit, the most popular day hike in the area.

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The Aracuaria Forest, Chile The Aracuraria tree, a Chilean pine which can live to be 1000 years old, is thought to have evolved its peculiar upside-down paintbrush shape to ward off plant-eating dinosaurs 180 million years ago.

Chile's since given these Jurassic-era beanstalks National Monument status.

Seeing this UNESCO World Heritage site is fairly straight forward—land at Yakushima Airport and either rent a car or take the bus that circumnavigates the mountainous island.

There are hotels along the northern and southern coasts.

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They lead day hikes through the most beautiful parts of the forest, and you're almost assured to see signs of the Tasmanian Devil—they work with the Tassie government to monitor these elusive and endangered critters.

Otherwise, there are a cluster of rustic towns surrounding the woods to call home—no matter which you pick, spend some time asking about the local Tarkine aboriginals, whose culture, like the forest, is in danger of disappearing.2.

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It's breathtakingly beautiful—a blanket of myrtle, blackwood, sassafras, and eucalyptus trees covering, ferny hills, waterfalls and gullies.