This wouldn't be possible within the restrictions of having a publisher with us.This is a community project and this time you are in control.

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This time around we take it a step further, you will enjoy the tools in addition to documentation for modding the game.

You can quickly create addon vehicles , parts and tracks with the help of specific software designed to create content.

Street Tuning Evolution’s schedule has been planned carefully.

We know it's tricky to accurately detail a development timeline for a project like this.

In October 2010 the County Council passed legislation allowing deferral of some impact fees and sewer connection charges. But sometimes general information is not enough and our customers want more detail.

Typically that issue arises for more site specific projects or during the initial layout and planning process.

Using the Customer Meeting Menu you can: Fees will only be charged for the services you request.

The fewer services requested, the lower the cost and the quicker we can meet.

Enjoy the freedom of an open world map and race through the streets or take it to the track and compete against your friends.