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'Universal' emoji symbols can be easily misunderstood.

An emoji intended to show a speechless person (left), was misinterpreted by Arabic translators as saying 'No way! Another symbol (right) intended to mean 'stay away from me,' was interpreted as saying 'stop now' in Spanish The team then asked a handful of translators across 11 different languages - French, French Canadian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), German, Hindi, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese), and Arabic - to explain what each symbol means.

Then when we had successfully paid for it it says we didn’t so we have to delete the song anyway and then sing a vip song so it can recognize that we already paid. When you try to watch how it records you, you need to get a VIP pass that obviously costs money.

And they don’t have some songs I would like from my fav artists. I’m not giving it a low star count because I believe it’s better than some of the other sing along apps. You also need to have a VIP pass for saving the video.

A string of five emoji meaning 'New York, the city that never sleeps' garnered a curious response from Hindi translators of 'it's better to hit the bed instead of poring over world's mysteries', while Arabic linguists asked 'free this evening for a sleepover?

' in response Emoji explaining that a person is going golfing with a colleague but is running late and will be there soon, (shown) was found to be one of the most challenging in the test.Greek linguist said the emoji means 'looking for a lover to dine and wine and drink cocktails while enjoying the sunset,' while Japanese translators came up with 'I love eating and drinking Pina Coladas at the beach'.A more complex string of 10 emoji denoting a 'girl's night out' (shown top) unsurprisingly confused those surveyed.You may also choose to enhance your voice with our special voice effects like CHORUS, RADIO.VIDEO THEMESCreate a music clip with video using one of our cool video themes.The French Canadian speakers translated it as 'my job as a caddie involves racing around all day for two golfers, but one day it's going to be my turn!